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Bulk Orders & Private Label

Our Organic Virgin Coconut Oil can currently be purchased in bulk - 5 litres, 20 litres, and 1000 litres. 

Our 5 litre, food grade plastic, can be ordered in bulk, and we will have our 20L available early 2019, available for preorder.

The 1000L IBC is perfect for manufacturers of natural products, and can come ordered with a heating pad to warm the organic virgin coconut oil (above 23c) to turn into liquid, so it flows easily from the tap.

Please contact us on for our bulk pricing and delivery information.


5 Litre Pail (pallet of 100)
1000 Litre IBC

Custom Private Label Soaps

Our gorgeous natural soap range can be made to custom order. We always use our Organic Virgin Coconut Oil as 100% base oil. Choices you can make in production are:

* Packaged or unpackaged

* Size

* Shape

* Stamping

* Essential oil / fragrance

* Colour

All our soaps are proudly made in East New Britain, Papua New Guinea, supporting the local community. Please get in touch with us for minimum order quantities MOQ and specifications at


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