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Single Origin






A single origin wine or olive oil can be defined as coming from a single estate rather than a blend, which may vary from batch to batch.  Niugini Organics coconut oil is extracted from coconuts grown in villages close to our plant at Kerevat on the Island of New Britain.

Like crops such as grapes, coffee and cocoa, coconuts develop taste markers unique to the environment is which they are grown. The coconuts supplied to Niugini Organics are all grown on the rich, volcanic, pumice soils that define the Gazelle Peninsula.

At 4 degrees South, the equatorial weather is warm and humid all year round with very little variation in rainfall or temperature to define the seasons.



Coconuts are left to fall off the palms from which they are wild harvested on a monthly basis so all such are processed at the same optimum level of maturity.

All nuts are processed within 2 days of collection and husking. And of course all nuts are processed by the one process in one location. Vigilant and constant quality control is so important in maintaining the integrity of our products. Our Lab Technician does daily analysis for Free FattyAcids levels and process temperatures to ensure that optimum levels are not exceeded.




Regular analysis and quality control is undertaken by an independant commercial food laboratory in Melbourne, Australia.

All of this gives us the confidence that the flavour and quality of Niugini Organics’ Virgin Coconut Oil will always and consistently to be the best on the market. We are proud that Niugini Organics is not just a brand. It’s not a catchy here today and maybe gone tomorrow name that appeals to current trends.

It is, our existence, it’s who we are and it is what we do.



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