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Have you tried our products? If so, please share your opinion, testimonials will be published online here, and also onsite  - printed in PNG for staff and farmers to see. Thankyou!

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"I love the soap bars. I also use them to wash my hair and they are better than any other shampoo bar I have used :) "

Sara Jane Aug 10, 2016

" I love the soap bars. I also use them to wash my hair and they are better than any other shampoo bar I have used :) "

Sara Jane, August 2016

" Love Niugini products. They smell like fresh coconuts and work so well in all sorts of cooking and beauty products. They also help medicinally too with cold sores!

   Cindy, February 2016

I've been using Niugini coconut oil and soaps for two years and not only does it taste fantastic (the oil that is), but it is well packaged, priced and ethical. The soaps are beautiful ... patchouli would have to be my favourite."

    Ann, February 2016

Please keep your current product which has a great coconut taste still. All other products I tried lost their taste and taste bland and follow the current fashion to modify the original taste. Even if you need to put up the price if you loose customers who want the bland taste . I would be happy to pay more as long gone as it stays the same."

Rita, September 2016

" Is your bath soap for sale in Kimbe ? Since the German professor's lecture that is all that I have used. What a wonderful product. I have given some to friends and family. I was pleasantly surprised. ..... .....You feel so clean; and after rinsing, the water beads on your skin. I have had an enlarged 2nd. toe on left foot for many years... broken several times, because I drag my feet....hitting tree roots and chair legs, even when I am sober. The inflammation has gone down. The only thing I can relate it to is the soap."

Munden, September 2016

" This is the highest quality and best tasting coconut oil around. And its affordable enough to use for the myriad of uses coconut oil is famous for."

Anonymous, March 2016

" We love Niugini Organics coconut oil! We also love the sustainable and fair trade philosophy behind the product, but importantly we love the taste as well. Virgin coconut oils are not all created equal, even organic ones, and sometimes it's a case of buyer beware, but this truly is a fantastic oil at a good price, and I know many of my friends now exclusively buy this as well. We use in raw and cooked baking, as a frying oil, in our herbal teas and on our skin/body. So happy to write a testimonial for this. To the employees and farmers, thanks so much for all for your work in bringing this product to our shelves x

     Maryana, Empowered Kitchen NZ, February 2016

The coconut oil is amazing! Me and my family have been using it since my father came across the stock here in Christchurch NZ 2months ago. I would strongly recommend it to anyone; for cooking and even applying to hair and skin. LOVE IT!! ❤

Tesha, February 2016

I love niugini coconut oil, it's rich and creamy. I use it for cooking, face and body and I also consume a couple of tablespoons a day straight out of the jar. It's helped me lose 10 kilos, stabilise my blood sugar levels and healed my nervous and immune system. I recommend this product to everyone. Keep up the good work. Niugini is the cream of the crop when it comes to coconut oil. It's got a great lauric acid content as well as tasting amazing. Thank you for a life changing product.

Kathryn, February 2016

" Just wanted to say that I love your coconut oil -- it must be the best I have tried, so creamy, smooth and beautiful. When the weather is warm -- not hot -- it just goes soft, and still has that beautiful creamy texture. I use it for 'oil pulling' and for incorporating into foods. I believe coconut oil, and in fact, all coconut products are very beneficial for health and particularly for the brain. Thank you!

         Jennifer,  April 2017

"As someone with EXTREMELY sensitive skin that is prone to eczema, dryness and allergic reactions, I was so relieved to discover Niugini coconut soap unscented. I was searching for a product with hardly any ingredients and finally found one. I absolutely adore it and will not use any other soap on my skin. It is also very reasonably priced costing under $4.00 I have tried many other 'natural' unscented soaps but this one is very special as it makes my skin incredibly baby soft and just feels so fresh. It has a beautiful scent and lathers well. I can't wait to use the Niugini coconut oil as I have faith that it will be as amazing as the rest of their products. Keep up the great work :)"

           Kristy, April 2017

"Niugini is the only coconut oil I use… and recommend.  

Thank you for supplying such a great and sustainable product."

Davina, July 2017


​"Wow love the soap bars, I have dry skin and this soap feels amazing. The fragrance is refreshing. I have shared with My Family and Friends They love the soap as well. Thankyou Niugini Organics!"

Jessica, August 2017

" My friend found these most beautiful soaps in Burleigh Heads Qld, so she bought me a bar as a gift ( as we are both PNG raised) well you should smell me, I smell devine- I will be buying more products from Niugini Organics to make sure me friends are not too jealous of how amazing your product is. Thank you too much"

Pamela, December 2017


​"This is a beautiful product. I grew up heavily using coconut oil by cooking with it or using it in my hair/ skin. I have been using the coconut oil soap (unscented) now for over a year. My skin has never reacted better to any soap and I have noticed that my complexion is very healthy and I am always without spots or blemishes. I am so pleased to have found a product like this. Keep up the good work!

Zoe, December 2017


​"I went to Rabaul for duty travel on April 22nd, 2018 and a colleague Senior Probation Officer Mr. Nigel Amos Robin, advice me to use Niugini Organic Coconut Soap and I went to Tropicana got some and honestly I felt so different and my face, notice big difference, was clean, clear and smooth..I recommend to everyone please do try it out, its a miracle soap, will do you wonders. Thank you Niugini Organics. Thank you. The Best quality product."

Jarvis, July 2018


I really wanted to give you a 10/10 for product quality, service and shipping. I'll only ever buy your coconut oil and recommend it to everyone. My husband and I used your sun zinc today for the first time and we are amazed at how lovely it is to use and how well it works. We applied it and spent nearly 4hrs playing on the beach and swimming with the kids and I'm not chemically or sunburned which is amazing. My skin feels divine. I applied a little to my lips too as they were a tad dry at the start of the day, as my husband will testify they are still beautifully soft and kissable 6hrs later. We're so pleased to support you both and will be recommending you both to everyone. Thank you again.

Kathryn, January 2019


I've used many brands of organic coconut oil but when I tried the Niugini Organic I found the quality immediately superior and delicious. Thank you for such a fine product which will now be a pantry staple.

Glen, November 2021

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