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Organic Certification

Certified Organic since 2008. We chose ACO Certification Ltd as our certifying body due to their high standards, integrity and trusted reputation.

Audits are carried out on our facility as well as our 130+ independent coconut suppliers to guarantee compliance with organic management principles at all stages of our process.


2. Employment.png

Niugini Organics is not a large company, but we do exist in a rural area where we currently employ over 45 team members from nearing villages.

We are commited to creating equal employment opporutinities for all, which is why 50% of our team are women.

Formal education ranges from grade two to bachelors degrees, and we provide valuable training to our team, often equiping them with skills needed to go on to work for some of PNG’s larger world class companies.

3. Food Safety.png

Food Safety

We maintain strict quality control and practices aligned with our HACCP Food Safety Certification.

This includes full traceability from our finished products all the way back to the farmer.

Sustainability & Biodiversity

Talk about our committment to sustainable agriculture, preserving biodiversity and soil health for carbon absorbtion(?)

4. Sustainability & Biodiversity.png

Single Origin

Our oil is extracted from coconuts grown within our immediate region.

All our products are produced and packed on-site at our facility in Kerevat on the Island of New Britain.

To maintain consistent quality control and organic compliance, we do not source coconuts or coconut oil from external suppliers.

5. Single Origin.png

Land Ownership

With much of PNG land under customary tenure, it's common for large mining corporations, logging companies and palm oil plantations to aquire land....

Talk about commitment to partnering with land owners to encourage/support independent and responsible land management that protects.... 

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Strengthening Our Products

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